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Saturday, May 20, 2023
At the Community Church of Durham (UCC)
17 Main Street, Durham

Beginning at 9 am (with introductions)
Ending at 7:30 pm

Lunch and Dinner, included, eaten in silence and gratitude
$5 - $10 donation invited, day of the event
A Day of Rest, Renewal and Community

Our Contemplative Sabbath is a full day of rest and renewal, as a small community gathers in stillness and silence to practice contemplative life and grow in spirit.  The day begins at 9 am, and ends at 7:30 pm, just after supper and a final Vespers Circle of Prayer.

The whole church is quiet, set aside for our silent and contemplative community.  And this means you can wander and pray and connect to your heart, in the ways that bring life to your spirit.  Walk the labyrinth in the chapel.  Sit in stillness or meditation in the sanctuary.  Use the Maker's Space for an art project.  Read a book or journal in the library.  

Dave and Kate Grishaw-Jones are our hosts for the day, and they're preparing our two meals (lunch and dinner)--vegetarian and simple, eaten together in silence and gratitude.

Except for three brief prayers, our day will be silent and deep in stillness.  If you're looking for a day like that, if your heart longs for community like that, please join us on May 20!
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As we prepare for this wonderful and renewing experience, you'll be in our prayers!  If you have any questions about how the day might work, be in touch with Dave Grishaw-Jones (603-868-1230 or email).

Feel free to invite friends or curious neighbors to join you.  This is the kind of experience that does not land heavily in any theological camp--but opens its arms to seekers of many kinds and from many backgrounds!

In peace, and expectation,

Dave and Kate Grishaw-Jones


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